The latest addition to our LvlUp suite of products, BidAmp is a Header Bidding and Mediation solution that represents the most effective substitute to the traditional Publisher Waterfall model.

BidAmp’s Header Bidding solution parallely broadcasts ad-request to multiple demand sources before DFP call. The highest bid obtained as a result is then pushed in DFP to allow multiple exchanges/demand partners to compete against DFP line items, Google AdX and direct campaigns.

BidAmp’s Dynamic Mediation solution subsitutes the traditional waterfall model at an ad-server level. After the ad-server recieves an ad-request, BidAmp’s dymanic mediation solution broadcasts this request to the programmatic demand sources in parallel.

As against an exchange-driven mediation solution, BidAmp is a completely neutral arbiter of demand. There is no conflict of interest, and you can be absolutely sure that the best exchange wins the bid. May the best bid win!

Benefits to the Publisher

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How It Works:

  • Configure GPT tags in BidAmp
  • BidAmp tag fires request to Datawrkz (DW) server
  • DW server responds with GPT and SSP/Exchange configurations
  • BidAmp sends ad requests to all SSPs / Exchanges asynchronously
  • BidAmp considers responses from all SSPs/Exchanges received within a timeout period
  • BidAmp passes the best bid on the GPT tag to DFP
  • Ad request is sent to DFP via GPT tag with the best bid details
  • BidAmp bid competes with other network line items & AdX on price priority in DFP
  • If BidAmp has the highest bid, BidAmp creative is served

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Post Bid Steps:

  • Ad request is sent to the Ad Server
  • BidAmp script returned as a response by the Ad Server
  • BidAmp sends ad request to all SSPs asynchronously
  • BidAmp receives all responses and decides on the best bid
  • BidAmp serves creative from the best bid and sends confirmation to the SSP

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Latency and Earnings

Timeout limit can be set in BidAmp to cap the latency. BidAmp asynchronously sends ad requests to ensure that no latency is introduced in loading the site content.
BidAmp has a lucrative price point and is Publisher-friendly.

Exchange Tie Ups

BidAmp can be configured to send bid request on any of the exchanges already integrated or any additional exchange that provides a prebid adaptor.
BidAmp clients can leverage Datawrkz-Exchange relationships to expand the pool of demand they can access.
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