As a LvlUp Publisher, you generate earnings by placing LvlUp META tags onto your website. Once you place our tags post a quick consultation with our team, we start driving ads based on your site's category, context and audience. You start earning money based on the ads being driven in your site/s.
You begin to accrue earnings as soon as we are able to see ad impressions being delivered through the LvlUp META tags placed in your site/s. You get paid after you accrue atleast $100.00 in earnings by the end of any given month.

Traffic and Reporting

The LvlUp Publisher Program assigns each Publisher a unique identification number, referred to as Publisher's ID i.e. PID. Ad impression activity is attributed to a Publisher when we detect the given PID via the LvlUp META Tag.
Estimated earnings are reported on your 'Earnings Report' that is delivered to you on a daily basis via email. Estimated earnings are updated daily with the previous day's activity.
We provide estimated earnings for your reference. Final earnings or actual amounts paid may vary from initial reported earnings. Reasons for variation between reported and final earnings may include, but are not limited to: invalidation of traffic, advertiser / SSP traffic quality adjustments, advertiser/ SSP chargeback or bad debt, reporting errors or other factors. Datawrkz will make all determinations in its sole discretion. Please refer to our LvlUp publisher program T&C for more information regarding the generation of earnings.


Payments are made to Publishers via Direct Bank Transfers or PayPal (depending on whether the amount to be paid is above or below the established cut-off limit).
Your first payment is paid on the 10th day after the commencement of the first full month of enrolment. Thereafter, payments are issued on a net 90 day basis. In other words, you would receive payment for January earnings approximately 90 days from January 31st, which would be March 15th. Payments reflect earnings accrued during the reporting month, plus any accrued balance that was carried forward from prior months for which payment has not yet been issued.
If your accrued balance has met our minimum payment amount, and you have not received payment, you may need to update your payment information or please contact our finance team to get this resolved. Please email to to raise this issue to get immediate attention. Please do ensure that your payment information is up to date before you raise your issue with our finance team.
Payments are issued to Publishers with accrued balances of at least USD 100.00 at the end of a given reporting month. If your balance is less than USD 100.00 at the end of a reporting month, payment will not be issued, and your balance will roll over to the next reporting month until you accrue the minimum amount.
All Publishers participating in the LvlUp Publisher Program are paid in US Dollars.
You may need to pay taxes on LvlUp Publisher Program earnings depending upon your circumstances. Datawrkz Pte. Ltd. is not responsible for any tax obligation that you may incur from your participation in the LvlUp Publisher Program.
Make sure you maintain your payment information and update it regularly. To do this, please connect with our Accounts team at
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